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Foundations For Thriving

Foundations For Thriving is a 10-month learning module designed to prepare your church for growth and revitalization. We’ve taken best practices from hundreds of churches and have developed a program to help you create a foundational growth strategy for your church. We provide congregational coaches, a coaching community for pastors, monthly facilitated sessions, books, resources, and micro-grant funding for administrative upgrades. 

Learning Modules

The learning community addresses key components of a thriving foundation for churches.  The modules feature on-demand learning from guest facilitators and action plans for congregational teams to complete. A congregational coach is assigned to each individual congregation and assists by providing clarification regarding action plans, conflict resolution, and ensuring the team remains accountable to the  senior pastors and FLT Leadership Staff. View module summaries below.

This is an entry portal to learning how to be instrumental in helping my beloved church home thrive and grow!

I believe I gained a greater sense around vision and how it is a vision of the people not just the Pastor.  Community engagement is essential to really thrive in ministry. Teamwork is vital because we need all parts working together.

All presenters sparked an interest to learn more about their topics. Also having data to help build our strategies is amazing!

Are you ready to take your church to the next level? We’re thrilled to offer an accessible learning community for your church.

Allow us to present Foundations For Thriving, our specialized learning community designed to assist churches in developing more robust ministries. You’ll have access to comprehensive resources and the opportunity to connect with fellow pastors and leaders.


 Here’s what’s included:

– Opening Retreat (Friday & Saturday)

– FREE MissionInsight Demographic & Psychographic reports

– Technology Small Church Package from ACS Technologies

– Vision Casting Mini-Grants per Congregation

– Congregational Coaching

– Monthly Facilitated Workshops

– FLT Leadership Team Open Office Hours

– Certificates of Completion for each congregation & participant that successfully completes the journey

How often will we meet?

The entire learning community will meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month from November to March from 10 am to 12 pm. This time is designated for review of key concepts, teamwork, and coaching.

Each congregtation will receive an addition hour of coaching to help guide the completion of monthly deliverables.

All of the leading pastors of the community will gather for one hour of group coaching each month.

This experience has given our team a sense of they are more important to God and His work than they realized. And they can be more open to communicate for the overall effectiveness of the church.